Western Canada Summer Games 2011 - Kamloops

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Corryn Brown


Corryn Brown

Role: Athlete
City/Town: Kamloops
Year of Birth: 1995
Gender: F
Height: 160cm
Weight: 52kg


 Number of Years in Sport/Art:
I have curled for 11 years.

 Club Team/Artistic Affiliation:
Kamloops Curling Club

 Home Town:
My home town is Kamloops BC.

I enjoy curling, soccer, skiing and playing guitar.

 Pre-competition/Warm-up Routines/Superstitions:
Listen to pump up playlist, wear black socks, and park in spot number 4.

 Who is your role model/who has had the greatest impact on you (coach, family, teacher, etc)?:
My role model is my dad as he has given me the desire to win and succeed in everything I do. He's shown me how to make my goals a reality.

 Personal Coach/Mentor Name (and why?)
My dad, Ken Brown, as he has coached me since I was 4

 Personal Best:
Winning the spot to play in the 2011 Canada Winter Games.

 Athletic/Academic/Artistic Awards Achievements:
2010 BC Highschool Curling Champion, 2010 BC Winter Games gold medalist and winning the spot for the 2011 Canada Winter Games.

 List the languages that you speak fluently:
English and French

 Goals in Sport/Art:
To represent Canada at the Olympics in curling.

 Goals in these Games:
Be a medalist.

 Do you have any family members participating in these Games/in past Games or other national/international events ?
My dad, Ken Brown, has participated in the '96 and '97 Briers as well as the '99 Mixed Canadians.

 Do you have any family members that are professional athletes, artist, or coach? Name, function, team or discipline or other pertinent information.

 Please list all schools that you have attended and the city that they are located (elementary, junior high and highschool):
Lloyd George Elementary School, South Kamloops Secondary School.

 What is your position on your team?

 If you have one, what is your jersey number?

Medal Count

Gold Silver Bronze TOTAL
122 69 64 255

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